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Our moto is to Provide a holistic approach to helping you achieve ultimate health, prime fitness, peak performance and your dream physique!

Our method:

Each program is developed according to individual needs, fitness levels and goals.  Flexibility, Posture, Form and Balance are the foundations to Strength, Strength Endurance and Muscle Building.  Additionally, ensuring proper form, improving flexibility, improving posture and increasing balance are the foundation for every training program at SAY Nutrition Fitness which reduces risk of injury and helps you reach your goals faster.

Our approach to nutrition coaching is one that is natural, balanced and backed by science.  We ensure that nutrition recommendations are tailored to your likes/food preferences.  We are here to help you reach your goals and increase your energy and performance and improve your overall health for a lifetime. 








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hello I'm Sheivon Yuille

My love for health and fitness began when I was a Division I collegiate athlete.  As a sprinter, I was always intrigued with how my nutrition, mental health and strength and conditioning training impacted my performance.  When I graduated from college and began my career in the military, I realized that understanding how nutrition affected my performance was more important than ever, especially when considering the physical and mental demands of deployment.  

In an effort to increase my understanding, I realized that there is so much contradictory information and misinformation on nutrition and training that it is difficult to know what suggestions are best to follow.  This had become more evident when I became a Figure and Physique competitor, and I was receiving contradictory advice.  So I decided pursue formal education in Nutrition, Personal Training and Sports Performance, not only for my own knowledge, but also to help others.     

My priority is to provide client centered services, and create a lasting relationship to ensure program success.  I take the natural approach to help you obtain and maintain ultimate health, prime fitness, peak performance and your dream physique.

I am a Certified Personal Trainer and have a Master’s Degree in Applied Nutrition (with a concentration in fitness and sports).  My areas of specialization are weight loss, muscle building, functional training, performance training, strength and conditioning and sports nutrition.

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OUR MAIN Services


Personal training

These services include:
Muscle gain, Fat loss, Strength and Conditioning, Functional Training/Sports Performance


nutritional Coaching

These services include:

Nutrition for performance, Nutrition for health improvement, Weight loss, Weight gain

Options for Nutrition Coaching – One hour coaching session, 8-week and 12-week programs. Other options available by request.


"I had the opportunity to work with Sheivon for close to four years, and I can say it was a great experience! I had a goal of competing in an amateur bodybuilding competition and having Sheivon as my nutritionist was the best thing I could have asked for. Her knowledge on nutrition coupled with her own bodybuilding experience and down to earth personality made it an amazing experience. Two weeks out from my competition, she made every effort to communicate with me everyday to ensure I was on track to step on stage, which was great. No matter what your goals are, if you are looking to tone up, add muscle, step on stage or just get your body right for a vacation. I have no doubt, she will get you where want to be!"
Jackson J.
Competition Prep Client
"Sheivon is very caring. She is super knowledgeable about her profession and always learning how to be a better coach for her clients. In order to help others meet their goals she first does an overall health assessment, gets a feel for ones lifestyle and tailors the program to meet his/her needs. Want your goals met? I highly recommend Sheivon to help you on your journey! She helped me with mine."
Robin H.
Competition Prep Client
"Sheivon really took the time to understand my goals and challenges. She then worked with me to customize a meal plan and workout strategy with flexibility so I didn't feel like I was missing out. Thanks to her I lost 25 pounds, my blood work numbers were terrific, and I feel great."
Phil R.
Weight Loss Client
"Sheivon is a superb personal trainer! My son plays football and I hired her to help him increase his speed so he could run a better time in the 40yrd dash. He was running 5.0 when he started with SAY Nutrition and Fitness and within about 3wks his form improved tremendously and by around 5-6wks he was running 4.8, then in another 2wks 4.7! That was just amazing!"
Keneisha L.
Functional/Sports Specific Training Client
"I really enjoyed working with Sheivon. She is very knowledgeable and she doesn't use "cookie-cutter" techniques. She tailors a plan to you based on your health issues, body type, etc...She also tells you like it is, sometimes it may not be what you want to hear but her goal is to help you get to where you want to be. She is awesome!!"
Pamela T.
Weight Loss Client
"I gained weight after leaving the military and was looking to get back into, or in even better shape than I was in before. Sheivon has been tremendous in helping me reach my goals and I have seen noticeable results. With her workouts as well as a diet plan she tailor made for me, after a few weeks I have seen my waist go down, increase in my energy levels, and improvements in mood and mental clarity. Would recommend her to anyone looking to get in shape or improve upon their fitness level."
Xavier T.
Weight loss Client


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